Sweet Herbal Garden and Clinic.

Sweet Herbal Garden.

Mornoi Clinic

When we, (Noi and Bud) first settled in Thailand in 1982, we started looking for land to buy. We were attracted to the Chiang Mai area for it’s beautiful mountains and very good year round weather.  We found an ideal spot north of Chiang Mai, which was undeveloped paddy land.  We bought it and held it for 9 years before developing it into our own garden.  Noi stayed in Thailand while he (Bud) worked and sent needed money from his job in Saudi Arabia.  Noi’s task was to fill the ground to street level, put in electric service, drainage, gutters, curbs, and a concrete street.

In 1997 we started a large planting program of big trees, medicinal herbs, and flowers.  We determined at the beginning not to use any chemicals with our plants and that is still our policy.  We plant using rice husks, manure, compost and topsoil.

Bud retired in 1998 from Saudi Arabia and was then able to help Noi with the garden.  We built a six car garage which Noi soon turned into a kitchen. A staff house and workers quarters came next.  Later on we built a large fully equipped kitchen for a proposed cooking school called “Noi Cuisine” and we use it now for patients, family, and guests, as well as for cooking classes.

The triplex apartments and the clinic were built in 2005/6 and opened officially in June 2006.

During all of our building projects we continued to plant the land with trees and herbs.  Also we have put in irrigation pipes over almost all of the property served by two wells.  The remaining lots on the property are outlined by trees and plants which allows a clear central area in which to build future dwellings and an Alternative Healing Center.

When building the triplex apartments the clinic and the large kitchen and dining room we tried to keep each building as open as possible using screens in place of walls and glass so that the garden will be all around and the trees, flowers, birds and insects are very much in evidence. Such a feeling of openness and living in nature will help the balance of body and mind in this very peaceful garden setting. Thus allowing the patients healing to take place. Sweet Herbal Garden and Clinic is dedicated to the balanced integration of body of mind through a combination of Thai style physical massage therapy, Natural Hand Heat Healing, Thai herbs and dietary counseling.

Sweet Herbal Garden and Clinic is dedicated to the balanced integration of body and mind through a combination of  Thai-style Physical/Massage Therapy, Natural Heat Healing, Thai herbs, and Dietary Counseling.  As we began planting organic medicinal herbs and plants on the Sweet Herbal Garden property in 1997 it now has grown to maturity and the trees and flowers have blossomed into a real forest setting.


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