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Our clinic began construction in November of 2005 and was built according to high standards set by the Thai Ministry of Health.  It was completed and opened in June of 2006.  The clinic has two large examination rooms, a lounge, conference rooms and office areas.  Adjoining the main portion of the clinic is the sala, a pleasant screened room situated over a fish pond and surrounded by large trees, flowers, and bushes.  The unique design of the sala was the "brain child" of Mor Noi with the assistance of the builder.  Next to the sala is the little house, which is all wood built over a pool. The little house can be used in combination with the sala and the main clinic to provide up to five areas for healing to take place simultaneously.


As required by Health Ministry instructions, a detached structure nearby contains men and women’s separate toilets along with a hot and cold shower, and a hand basin with a large overhead mirror.

In the surrounding foliage is a circular walkway around the pool which provides selected stones of various sizes for patients to walk on in bare feet for foot stimulation.

The clinic is open for treatment every day of the week by appointment between the hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm.  On special request arrangements can be made for after hours treatment.



Our healing center is dedicated to the balanced intergration of body and mind. Treatments at Mor Noi Clinic are customized to the individual and the patients condition.  A free examination during the first visit includes an extensive multi-level diagnosis. The treatments at Mor-Noi Clinic are designed to release blockages and restore blood, oxygen and vital nutrients to the body, freeing it to return to its natural state of happiness and well being.

Many times it is suppression of unhappy, tragic, or traumatic experiences that are the basis of bodily aches and pains.
Natural Energy Heat Therapy works through the natural heat in the hands of the practitioner, in conjunction with the warm or cool areas in the body of the patient.  Upon touch the heat in the hands of the practitioner produces warmth or heat to the areaand unblocks the patients natural energy. As the hand-heat warms a particular area of the body, disturbed or “frozen” muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia melt or loosen and are free to return to their natural aligned state.

Our treatments focus on clearing the abdomen, the source of most illnesses.  By allowing the release of blocked unresolved emotions, especially in the abdominal area, the body’s natural energy is opened using Sen lines.  Sen lines are the energetic network of heat and energy lines throughout the body, often referred to as meridians. 

Mor Noi uses Natural Energy Heat healing and intuitive energy work as the basis for much of her hands-on healing techniques.  This healing process requires the body to trust and open and when it does, results can happen quickly as the natural energies of the body  are realigned.  However, when there are layers of unraveling the person must be patient and learn to trust their own body and its natural healing abilities.

Each treatment can last anywhere from 1/2 to 2 hours.  The body itself will tell the practitioner when to stop, so the time for each session unfolds naturally.  Patients may need to allow up to 2 hours per session.  Fees are charged per session, not by the hour.

Most of Moi Noi’s work is of a very light soft nature with the hands of the practitioner tracing the web-like energy paths of the body helping the healing heat to spread throughout the patient’s body.  Where the heat energy lines will flow is not known until it actually occurs and a new portion of the body opens for healing.


The following conditions can be treated successfully with Mor Noi’s energy therapies:

-All pain conditions including:  Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Knee pain, Back pain, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Migraines, etc.

-Muscular skeletal conditions and Injuries, including old injuries that occurred early in life and went untreated, Sprains/Strains, etc.

-High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Anxiety/Depression, Stress disorders, Poor Circulation from long term convalescing (immobility).

-Gastrointestinal disorders including Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Most people, regardless of their condition, will benefit from Mor Noi’s energy therapies in one way or another.  Natural heat healing massage therapy works on all levels (muscular, emotional, hormonal and neurological) offering a positive contribution to your overall plan for health and well being.


After the initial free examination, the fee for hands on treatment is 500 Baht per session.
The treatment fee is per session not by the hour. Treatment may last up to two hours. People staying in Thailand usually pay cash at the time of treatment. Special arrangements can be made to pay by ATM transfer to Mornoi’s account in Bangkok Bank, please E-mail or phone if it is needed.

A visitor or person living outside of Thailand who wishes to pay by Bank Debit Card or Credit Card can do so via our Pay Pal account using the Mornoi clinic computer.


For the international and Thai communities who are unable to travel to Chiang Mai for medical or other reasons, Mor Noi is willing to travel to you by special arrangement. All costs for travel, lodging and board are paid for by the requesting parties..


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