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The Yellow Brick Road

Mor Noi was born into a middle class Thai family in Korat.  She is the oldest of seven children.  Her family was very interested in having all the children get a good education.  They all graduated from high school and Noi went to technical commercial school after high school.  She has been studying all her life and has many certificates to show for all her efforts. Before receiving her license Noi had been practicing natural healing for many years both on herself and others and was guided to become a healer when her hands began to produce high levels of heat energy while touching or massaging others.  The heat in her hands offered her a remarkable ability to heal others.  Eventually Mor Noi learned more specific ways to direct natural body heat to help those with deep and long term chronic conditions.

Noi spent over four years of very difficult study to earn her Doctorate of Herbal Medicine degree from the Ministry of Health.  T.T.M. 15549(T.M.) She had to pass 3 very difficult exams before she was granted her Doctorate by the ministry in 2005 in Bangkok.

After being licensed Noi could work for a hospital, a clinic, or the government.  In Thailand there is no provision for a “private practice” as it is called in the West.  The answer for Noi, whose desire was to help sick people, was to build her own clinic and get it certified so she could practice. This was accomplished June of 2006 when the clinic was granted a license (T.P. 18262 (T.P.)). Since then she has helped a great many patients and received a great deal of satisfaction for her efforts. She is now able to teach practitioners how to heal using Natural Heat EnergyTherapy and other bodywork techniques.

About Bud.

Bud Sweet has worked overseas for more than 30 years.  He has been Noi’s partner for 30 years during this time, assisting her in most of her projects with both physical and financial support.

The first overseas job was in Viet Nam between January 1967 and June 1973. After Viet Nam closed down, Bud went to Iran for five years until December 1978. At this time good over seas jobs were hard to get, so he finally tried Saudi Arabia. It was a very good place to work as the oil money made the country very prosperous and eager to start big projects. Bud worked in the maintenance field as a buyer, contract administrator and contract writer for the next twenty years in Saudi Arabia.

The savings of all the years of foreign work have been invested in Thailand so after his retirement in 1998, Bud relocated to the Sweet Herbal Garden from Saudi Arabia to rest and enjoy what Noi and Bud had built together.


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